Accessibility in Highdown Gardens

This is a 8.5 acre garden, steep in parts. The accessible route includes the Sensory Garden and the Visitor Centre.

There are three disabled parking bays next to the Highdown Gardens entrance.

There are accessible toilets at the entrance to Highdown Gardens, next to the Highdown Hill car park.

Please note: Rain and mud can make some of the Highdown Garden paths and the Visitor Centre decking slippy. Please wear sensible footwear to enjoy the gardens.

Video: Accessibility Guide for Visitors

A visual guide to Highdown Gardens

The following short PDF guide explains what to expect when visiting the gardens:

A visual guide to Highdown Gardens (PDF)

Accessible footpath

The accessible footpath route which runs from the entrance of the gardens past the Visitor Centre to the Sensory Garden is shown on the map below:

Accessible route, Highdown Gardens site map