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“In Bloom” exhibition (14th to 26th May 2024)

Introducing “In Bloom” – A celebration of flowers through photography

Dates: 14th to 26th May 2024

Get ready to indulge your senses in the splendour of nature with our upcoming exhibition, “In Bloom.” Featuring the photography of Steve Gallagher, this event is a heartfelt tribute to the timeless beauty of flowers.

HG banner - In Bloom exhibition - Steve Gallagher

Nestled within the tranquil surroundings of Highdown Gardens is our new event space Highdown Gallery. Our first exhibition is titled “In Bloom” and features the floral photography of Steve Gallagher. “In Bloom” invites you to explore the delicate details and diversity of floral delights captured through the lens.

Steve Gallagher’s photographs offer a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of colours and forms that define the floral realm. From the soft petals of a blooming rose to the graceful curves of a sunflower, each image tells a story of nature’s elegance.

Whether you’re a casual admirer or a passionate nature lover, “In Bloom” promises an enchanting experience for all. Save the date and join us at the Highdown Gallery for this delightful showcase of floral photography.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of flowers together!

Flower photos - copyright and credit Steve Gallagher (3 photos)

Artist Bio:

Steve Gallagher is a Sussex-based photographer, originally from the American Midwest where he graduated with a Fine Arts degree in Visual Design and Photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Initially working in fashion photography in Chicago, Miami and New York, he then built a successful career in advertising and digital design before moving to the UK in 2002.

Living in a house next to the sea on Britain’s south coast, his love of photography was reignited by the beauty of the Sussex Downs and the ever-changing nature of the local shoreline and the sea. Moving into a house surrounded by nature, with an artist’s studio already built in the garden, his photographic focus on seascapes and floral portraits was almost inevitable. The confinement of the Covid pandemic imposed a time and space to distil his art. The limit on travel meant that his subject matter was stripped to a minimum, allowing Steve to focus on refining and redefining his practice over this period to produce the intricate and skilfully composed photographs that characterise his work.

Most recently, Steve has expanded his work into new media, including 3D lenticular prints and works on glass, aluminium and cloth. These new treatments further enhance his reputation as an innovative fine art photographer whose work captivates the viewer.

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Flower photos - copyright and credit Steve Gallagher (2 photos)

Flower photos: © copyright and credit Steve Gallagher