(left) Coronilla glauca in flower and (right) Carpinus turczaninowii in dormancy
December 09, 2021

Stillness speaks

Hello my name is Glenn, I am one of the Craft Gardeners at Highdown Gardens. In the winter months ...

One of our Irises - prawn-like rhizome with lots of roots on the underside with tall strappy leaves coming from the topside - spaced out newly divided plants
September 10, 2021

Among the Iris

Hello my name is Charlotte, I am the Craft Gardener here at Highdown Gardens. I have spent much time ...

Anacamptis (A pyramidal orchid) and Ophrys (A bee orchid)
July 29, 2021

Orchids in the Orchard

Hi everyone, I’m Alex and I’m the Plant Heritage Officer at Worthing’s treasured Highdown Gardens. In the orchard area ...