The Millennium Garden

Millennium Garden wisteria arch (340)

The Millennium Garden (surrounded by the Old Orchard) was created from a disused section of the Highdown Bungalow garden, and was opened in April 2000.

The garden bungalow was originally built in 1958 for the Head Gardener, Mr J Bassindale, who lived there until 1976. It is now used as an office and meeting room. The garden at the rear of the bungalow fell into decline and so in 2000 the Millennium Garden was created and is planted with low maintenance hardy Geraniums and shrubs.

Over the years donations to the Gardens have allowed us to purchase:

  • the Rose pergola
  • the Wisteria arch
  • the patio seat
  • the central sundial

Millennium Garden sign (340)

The design of the Millennium Garden had peace and tranquillity in mind, hence the water feature and soft plantings of grasses, shrubs and many hardy Geraniums.

With conservation and labour saving taken into consideration, wood and bark mulches have been used, in addition to a new underground watering system.

Several years on, and the plants have now matured, making this a lovely, peaceful area. Far from the madding crowd ...

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Patio seat, sundial and planted beds in the Millennium Garden:

Millennium Garden (744)

Millennium Garden wisteria arch:

Millennium Garden wisteria arch (744)

As you leave Millennium Garden you return to the Old Orchard and can then pick up the main path into the Gardens.

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