The Middle Garden - The Tree and Shrub Garden

Anenome Pavonina (340)

The Middle Garden houses island beds where a wide range of plants can be found, especially the spring flowering bulbs such as Snowdrops, Winter Aconites, Crocus, Daffodils, Anemones (Anenome Pavonina - see right) and Tulips (also Tulipa saxatilis).

In early summer Tree Paeonies, Iris and cultivars of Day Lilies are followed by Philadelphus and Agapanthus.

Special plants to look out for in this section are the Judas Tree (Cercis siliquastrum) which is a rare Afghan form with deep pink flowers borne along the branches.

There are two beautiful weeping Chinese Hornbeams (Carpinus turczaninowii): one of which is a champion tree and is the largest specimen of its kind growing on chalk in the country; and the other smaller one was planted by Queen Mary in 1937.

Judas Tree (Cercis siliquastrum - left) and Chinese Hornbeam champion tree (Carpinus turczaninowii - right):

The Judas Tree and The Chinese Hornbeam champion tree (744)

Raised acid beds at the eastern end of the Middle Garden create conditions suitable for ericaceous plants such as Camellias and Rhododendrons.

The Middle Garden is a picturesque area of the Gardens where you will find a wide variety of flowering trees and shrubs.

Seat in a tranquil area of the Middle Garden:

The Middle Garden - seat in tranquil area

Island beds in the Middle Garden:

The Middle Garden - island beds

Cherry trees in blossom in the Middle Garden:

The Middle Garden - Cherry trees in blossom (744)

Apple blossoms (Malus spectabilis 'Riversii') and Cherry blossoms (Prunus 'Kanzan'):

Apple blossoms (Malus spectabilis Riversii) and Cherry blossoms (Prunus Kanzan) (744)

Paths from the Middle Garden head down into the Lower Garden (The Herbaceous Garden) where you will also find our open air performance space, or back up in to the Beech Wood where you can get to the main path into (or out of) the Gardens.

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