The main path into the Gardens

Information board, noticeboard, greenhouse and potting shed

Walking along the main path from the entrance you first pass information board, where you can find a map and information about the Gardens along with our noticeboard, and then the greenhouse (photo below - left) and then the potting shed (photo below - right).

Noticeboard & information area next to the greenhouse (left) and the potting shed (right) (744)

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Herb Garden and Cold Frames

You then come to the Herb Garden (photo below - left) which stands on the site of an old glasshouse where a range of culinary herbs are grown and then pass the cold frames (photo below - right) where we grow on plants and trees before planting them out into the Gardens.

Herb garden and cold frames (744)

Off to your right you will find the Old Orchard and the Millennium Garden.

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Avenue of Cherry Trees

Continuing along the main path heading into the rest of the Gardens are the avenue of Himalayan Birch Bark Cherries (Prunus serrula).

The avenue of cherry trees was originally planted in 1938 to give interest during the winter months with their decorative peeling bark. More recently new trees have been planted to replace the older trees as they die out so keeping the avenue as it was in Sir Frederick Stern's time.

Avenue of Himalayan Birch Bark Cherries looking towards gardens (left) and back to the main entrance (right)

Himalayan Birch Bark Cherries (Prunus serrula) - looking towards gardens and back to main entrance (744)

This path leads you on and down into the Chalk Pit Garden and ponds, the Rose Garden or the Beech Wood.

Or off to your right you will find the Old Orchard and the Millennium Garden.

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