Viburnum betulifolium

Viburnum betulifolium (340)

Common name:

  • Birchleaf Viburnum

Location in the Gardens:

Season of interest:

  • Summer: flowering
  • Autumn: berries

Description of plant:

Rounded shrub, multi-stemmed. Deciduous, flowering. Large border/screening plant (1.8 to 3m height). Medium green foliage. Low/easy maintenance. Very hardy. Medium growing. Scented blossom.

Ideal growing conditions and habitat:

Suitable for back of border planting, or as specimen plant.

Flourishing in full sun or part shade, will tolerate most soils other than very wet, being well suited to chalk soils. Tolerates heavy clay soils.

Avoid planting in extremely hot droughty, or dry exposed cold areas.

Country of origin:

  • Ichang, China and Taiwan

Highdown history:

Planted by Sir Frederick Stern from seeds donated by George Johnstone of Trewithen, Cornwall. Collected by the famous plant hunter, E.H. Wilson.

Stern, in his book 'The Chalk Garden', says:

“they were planted 'many years' before 1960 when his book, 'A Chalk Garden', was written”.

Other interesting information:

Provides valuable winter interest.

Fruit / berry producing. Spectacular when in fruit. The fruit is never touched by birds.

Received a First Class Certificate from the RHS in 1957.

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