Scilla messeniaca

Scilla messeniaca (340) - Steve Speller

Common name:

  • Scilla

Location in the Gardens:

Season of interest:

  • Spring

Description of plant:

A clump forming bulbous perennial, with a whirl of light blue flowers (sometimes almost white) on a stem about 8ins high. A delightful plant that increases quickly.

Scilla messeniaca, a delight to see this early in spring. This bulb colonises well and when they flower they create a mass of pale blue almost white star-like flowers that shine out in dappled shade. Grows well beneath trees and shrubs but appreciates some sun.

Ideal growing conditions and habitat:

Suited to naturalising under trees or in grass and semi-woodland.

Hardiness frost hardy down to -15°C, likes partial shade.

Height 25cm, Spread 10cm.

Form Herbaceous.

Country of origin:

  • Mediterranean

Scilla messeniaca (744)

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