Linnaea amabilis

Linnaea amabilis formally Kolkwitzia amabilis (340)

Other names:

  • formerly known as Kolkwitzia amabilis

Common names:

  • beauty bush

Location in the Gardens:

  • The Lower Garden - The Herbaceous Garden

Season of interest:

  • Summer

Description of plant:

Deciduous shrub with simple opposite leaves and clusters of bell shaped pink flowers marked with deep yellow in the throat. Grows to 3m.

Ideal growing conditions and habitat:

Well drained soil in sun or partial shade.

Country of origin:

  • China

Highdown history:

Plant-hunting expedition, 1901 E.H. Wilson.

Bought and raised from seed from Messrs Veitch.

Other interesting information:

Originally rare, how it became a popular and ubiquitous horticultural plant.

Linnaea amabilis formally Kolkwitzia amabilis (744)

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