Berberis Jamesiana

Berberis jamesiana (340)

Common names:

  • Barberry


  • Berberidaceae

Location in the Gardens:

Season of interest:

  • Blooms and fruits from June to September

Description of plant:

A deciduous shrub that grows to 2m high, produces golden yellow flowers in summer on spikes about 10cms long.

The fruits are round and white turning to deep purple berries in pendulous clusters.

The foliage turns red before dropping.

Ideal for hedges and suitable for coastal conditions.

Ideal growing conditions and habitat:

  • Hardy
  • Drought tolerant
  • Full sun
  • Soil, adaptable well drained

Country of origin:

  • West China

Highdown history:

In his book 'A Chalk Garden' Stern refers to Berberis jamesiana describing it as:

“A taller shrub about 8 feet high, with light coloured pink translucent berries dying off deep purple. The true plant is very fine in berry, but is apt to cross with other berberis, and seldom in our experience comes true from seed.”

Plant collected by George Forest, introduced in 1913 from Yunnan China and named after his brother James.

Berberis jamesiana (744)

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