Anemone Pavonina

Anemone pavonina (340)

Common names:

  • Windflower, Peacock Windflower

Location in the Gardens:

Season of interest:

  • Flowers late March to June

Description of plant:

Tuberous perennial from the Mediterranean. Has mid-dark green, palmate leaves divided into 3 leaflets which can be lobed or dissected up to 6 inches long. Bears solitary, 7-9 petalled, red, purple, pink or any shade in between, flowers with a black central boss of stamens, very often circled with white from the base of the petals.

Ideal growing conditions and habitat:

Likes sandy, light soil in full sun. Needs to be kept dry while dormant which is any time from June through to February.

The tubers can be lifted and kept in sand/sawdust or leave in soil and provide a winter mulch.

Will not survive in wet winters unless lifted and will not cope with frosts at all.

Suitable for coastal sites.

Country of origin:

  • Central and eastern Mediterranean, from south-western France eastwards.

Highdown history:

Sir Frederick Stern (creator of Highdown Gardens) said:

“A. Pavonina likes to come up in the grass paths where it is delightful with all the shades of colour on the green background, reminding one of a Persian carpet.”

Anemone pavonina (744)

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