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Admission to the Gardens is free of charge, as is parking while you are at the Gardens - but we welcome donations to help us support, maintain and run the Gardens for future visitors.

If you would like to make a donation to help secure the future of the gardens then please contact us.

Highdown Gardens Donations - Donation Box

Donation Box (340)

Many thanks to all the visitors to Highdown Gardens who have made donations through our post-box at the entrance to the Gardens.

All donations are kept in a separate budget to be spent only within the Gardens.

The balance of any donations is carried over into the budget for the following year.

Our general maintenance budgets fund the yearly maintenance of the Gardens but with the additional funds from the donations we are able to purchase many new plants and bulbs for the collection and undertake special projects.

We thought our visitors would be interested in seeing how part of the money donated has been spent.

Donations box sign (340)

Over the last few years we have purchased and planted many new bulbs including:

  • Around the entrance and rose garden areas new Tulip plantings of 'Orange Emperor', 'Sweetheart' and 'Apeldoorn', also Allium giganteum.
  • In the chalk pit the addition of Narcissus 'Pheasant Eye' amongst the Camissia planted last year.
  • In the tree and shrub garden Tulip 'Princesses Irene', 'Couleur Cardinal' and 'Havran' along with Allium giganteum, Allium 'His Excellency' and a drift of large flowering blue crocus.
  • In the lower garden Tulip 'Queen of the Night', Allium sphaerocephalon, Allium 'Gladiator' and a new drift of Eremurus robustus, which we hope will make it through the recent wet conditions. Eremurus were a much loved bulb of Sir Fredrick and Lady Stern and featured at Highdown during their time.
  • Also in the lower garden, Narcissus 'Surfside', Narcissus 'Toto', mixed snakeshead fritillaries and some new Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum' plants to replace those lost in the very wet conditions in 2014.
  • We have planted a collection of new Buddleias along the new fence line in the lower garden, B. Black Knight, B. White Profusion, B. Loch Inch and Buddleia x weyeriania 'Golden Glow',
  • And there are two new Cotinus 'Grace' in the middle and lower gardens, which produce a wonderfully vivid autumn colour and should look beautiful as they mature.

In addition to plants we have also spent some of the donations in 2014 on new oak sleepers to replace the rotting timber of the raised acid beds in the middle garden, and in winter 2016 we have also rebuilt a second acid bed with new oak sleepers.

Once again many thanks from all the staff at Highdown Gardens and Worthing Borough Council for all the generous donations which help to sustain and improve your gardens at Highdown and give so much pleasure to so many visitors.

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Wedding photos at Highdown Gardens

Wedding dress - copyright Zaeem Jamal (340)

Many people come to Highdown Gardens to have their wedding photos taken in our beautiful surroundings.

If you and your wedding guests do come to have your wedding photos taken in the Gardens then please consider making a donation in order to support the high standards of maintenance of Highdown Gardens (see donations section above).

Photo credit: copyright © Zaeem Jamal

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Legacies - Leaving gifts to Highdown Gardens in your will

Anyone can leave money to a good cause or charity in their will - this is known as a legacy.

By writing your wishes into your will you can make it easier for people to deal with your estate when the time comes.

Please consider including Highdown Gardens in your will, either as a donation for a specific purpose, or as a general donation.

Any monies given will be used to maintain and improve these beautiful Gardens for future generations to enjoy.

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