Cornus kousa var. chinensis

Cornus kousa var. chinensis (340)

Common names:

  • Bunchberry
  • Chinese dogwood

Location in the Gardens:

Season of interest:

  • Flower heads of large white bracts that slowly turn pink surrounding insignificant flowers appear in early summer followed after a hot summer by strawberry like fruits.
  • Oval glossy dark green leaves turn bright red-purple in autumn.

Description of plant:

From 'A Chalk Garden' by Sir Frederick Stern:

“makes a difference to the value of a shrub or tree if the flowers die pleasantly. The flowers of this Cornus kousa chinensis die in shades of pink and red, and are just as attractive as they are in full flower.”

“July - Another Chinese cornus, a most charming shrub, Cornus kousa var. chinensis grows happily on this chalk soil and is covered with white flowers each year whatever the winter is like.”

Ideal growing conditions and habitat:

At its best in a fertile acid to neutral soil. A shallow rooting tree.

Cornus kousa - Not recommended for shallow chalk soils, although does very well in these conditions at Highdown.

Country of origin:

  • China
  • Plant range: China, Japan, Korea

Cornus kousa var. chinensis (744)

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